For more than 50 years, Carmichael Propane has been a reliable and safe propane service provider throughout the South Carolina Lowcountry. We’re here to help you heat your home and appliances or fire up your grill.

Propane isn’t just a clean and American fuel, it’s also versatile. Propane is an affordable way to heat your home, but it can do so much more. Propane can fuel water heaters, space heaters, fireplaces (indoor and out), cook tops and ranges, dryers and swimming pools.

No matter what your propane needs, give us a call!

  • Propane delivery
  • Propane tank installation services
  • Underground propane tanks
  • And much more!

Our staff is 100% certified in their fields of expertise to get you set up properly and safely the first time.

Wondering about propane tank sizes? We’re here to help, and we’ll work hard to meet your needs.

We offer propane tankless water heaters, fire logs and more!

From tankless water heaters to cast iron pots, we keep products in stock to help you make the most of your propane.

If you're in need of any propane-related products, give us a call. Our inventory includes:

  • Rinnai Tankless Water Heaters
  • Real Fyre Logs by Peterson
  • Bayou Classic Cast Iron Pots
  • Propane Hoses and Burners
  • Gas Grill Canisters and Supplies

Different homes need different propane tank sizes, and we have them!

At Carmichael Propane, we offer a variety of tanks and installation options. We will set the propane tanks, run gas lines, connect to the home or business, test for leaks.

Residential propane tank sizes, gallons:

Above ground propane tanks:

  • 120 gallon propane tank
  • 330 gallon propane tank
  • 500 gallon propane tank
  • 850 gallon propane tank
  • 1000 gallon propane tank

Underground propane tanks:

  • 500 gallon propane tank
  • 1000 gallon propane tank

How big of a propane tank do I need?

Here are the steps we take before installing a propane tank at your home.

  • Step 1: Determine Tank Size

    Factors influencing tank size are the total square footage of the home, total BTU load of installed propane appliances and the climate zone. Typical horizontal propane tanks have a water capacity of 125 to 1,000 gallons and can be filled with propane to the 80 percent level.

  • Step 2: Determine Tank Placement

    We evaluate accessible, safety-approved sites when selecting a location for a propane tank. Considerations should include:

    • Building and safety codes, which vary from location to location.
    • Ease of access, to allow delivery trucks the ability to refill the tank in all seasons (tank must be located within 100 feet of the driveway).
    • Overall site design, aesthetics and landscaping.
  • Step 3: Tank Installation

    Basic tank installation can be completed in a few hours, either by our own service technicians or approved contractors who can complete the project in an efficient manner.

  • Step 4. Regulator Placement

    Regulators come with pipe size and distance requirements, just like tanks, and cannot be placed closer than 3 feet horizontally from any building opening, such as a window well, nor can they be placed closer than 5 feet from any source of ignition, such as an AC compressor. Our Carmichael Propane technicians will ensure that your tank is in compliance.

Tank Specifications Chart

Click here to download tank specification chart (PDF - 2.2MB).

Our Automatic Delivery Program leaves the scheduling to us! We use a multi-variable mathematical equation that estimates the amount of propane in your tank based on your average use, daily weather and temperatures, size of your home, the number of people in your home, and other factors.

With Automatic Delivery, your delivery will be scheduled before your tank gauge reads below 20 percent full.

You won't need to call us for a delivery, PLUS you SAVE 20¢ per gallon on your propane when you upgrade to Carmichael Propane's Automatic Delivery. How's that for service?

Since we use a statistical model to determine when you need a fill-up, we ask that you to notify us if there has been a change in your home that increases your usage so that our automated routing system information is accurate.

If you are not currently enjoying Automatic Delivery, call today and save 20¢ per gallon and reduce the chance of running out of propane!

Save on Propane with Automatic Delivery Service

Save 20 cents per gallon with Automatic Delivery!

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Propane Efficiency Tips

Did you know that propane appliances are extremely energy efficient, and can save you hundreds of dollars in annual energy costs? Watch this video for tips to make all of your propane appliances their most efficient!

We're proud to have been named the best propane service provider of choice by the readers of The Press and Standard!


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